The Magic With the Dildos

Are you not much to go down in a sex toy store to choose between big pulsating dildos or are you just not comfortable with having the vibrator at home, there is advice ahead. In fact, you are in your own home with the guarantee of many different kinds of sex toys that can be just as good at spice up your sex life a bit.

The cute sex toy

Use a wine gum as a dick beside his manhood. A dick holds the blood inside the dick and holds his erection. You can end up rubbing the edible picking him and thus satisfying both him and your sweet tooth at once. But keep those sweet snacks away from your own abdomen they can cause unpleasant infections. We know you are way passed from what is dildo.

Heat cushion seems exciting

A heat pad is perfect for relieving sore muscles, but it also has other good properties. The warm case can actually increase the blood flow in your lower regions – something that happens completely by itself when you are excited, but sometimes you may need to help things a bit on the way. And then the comfortable warmth makes you wonderfully relaxed – a good start to sex fun.

Light stimulating peppermint

Mouthwash, fresh mouth tablets and peppermint necklaces are great because the peppermint stimulates the bloodstream and makes the blood flow faster in the veins – and it stimulates the desire in a positive direction. Take a nap in your mouth and give your husband a surprising and refreshing blow job. Soothe him with the candy in his mouth, then try to breathe a little on his cock and see what happens.

The shower head as a sex toy

We set out with a classic from the bathroom – and here we do not mean the yellow bath spirit. Most showers can be taken down, whether they are in the shower or on the bath, and they can become your source of fun, whether you play with your partner or need a little sun.

The shower head works well as a vibrator, where you can play with the beam’s strength and with the temperature. Are you into a hot spring or cold thrill? Many showers can also be set so that either a single thick beam or many small rays come.

Mirroring sex

  • To place a chair in front of a large mirror, and put yourself on top of him with the front facing the mirror. It is a position that you can both get a lot from. He can get around you and touch your breasts while riding him, and both of you enjoy the sight of each other’s excited facial expressions. But also remember that with the mirror you have the opportunity to see things that are usually hidden from you.
  • You can turn the page so that you can experience the sight of his cock penetrating you, and with handheld mirrors you can see parts and angles of the body you normally cannot see during the act.