The erotic game of lubrication to power

Today there are many gels and lubricants to play in bed. You can try those with flavor to lick your partner’s whole body or with the different effects they have on the intimate area like retarding orgasm, cold or hot effect. Besides being fun and exciting, you can try to play adult games online without registration. They work perfectly to try things that you may never have dared, such as anal sex, group sex, stimulation, adventure etc. These games will you let you experience such fantasies and give you experience to seduce your partner. As you know, imagination never ends. Try these positions.

The erotic game of aphrodisiacs

You have to keep in mind what to eat and what not to eat before having sex and are that aphrodisiacs are an ideal way to start playing before sex, but above all can be a perfect complement during it. Try spreading melted chocolate on your body and start licking or, on the contrary, show the way by spreading chocolate or cream on your body.

The erotic game of cybersex

Do you maintain a relationship at a distance? Do you spend days away from your partner for work? Do you live in different houses and you want to have sex with them? In any of these cases, you do not have to resign yourself to stay with the desire. Try to practice cybersex. You only need a webcam and your boy. Start with a spicy conversation and go slowly showing your body until you masturbate each other.

The erotic game of forbidden places

What if you play making love in completely new places, in an elevator, in a train, in an airplane, in a fitting room? Although if you want to start with something simpler, a very exciting way of doing it is in the car. Go to an open field or to a natural park where you can see the stars and play to relive your youth or try new things with some of these Kama sutra postures in the car.

Conclusion: The erotic game of the dice

The erotic games are the occasion to live a beautiful moment of complicity between two lovers. Outside of the classic strip poker you can also find ideas in the shops of erotic items such as lots of two dice. The first indicates an action and the second a part of the body. It’s your turn to play and if you want other toys. However, you can put yourself in the shoes of a real sex bomb during a sensual and spicy dance. Take advantage to put suggestive lingerie, accessories with pompoms, strass or sequins.

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