Quick sex: is quickie an excellent way to spice up your life as a couple?

At a time when everything is going fast, quick sex is becoming a trending practice. Because the sex in the couple is timed, or because a quickie spoils the sexual routine of the partners, a brief and intense report can be an excellent solution to various problems. How and where to practice? The keys for a beneficial sex quick.

Quick sex, in the trend of morals

Nowadays, it is common practice to obtain the object of his quest almost instantly. It can be the same with orgasm: the quick sex can achieve enjoyment quickly.

Sex in the couple: slow sex or quick sex?

While a sex therapist recently published a book titled, without ambiguity, “Slow sex, make love in full consciousness”, the question comes back on the scene: brief and intense sex or long and preceded by foreplay, what benefits? If the urgency of sex quick and well done can be a source of excitement at its height and a renewal of desire, take his time to make love to explore new forms of sexual pleasure for an orgasm tenfold. With each type of report its advantages, therefore, and the lovers choose one or the other on the moment: specific periods of the life of couple are more favourable to the quick sex when the partners will be tempted to test the slow sex at other times.

The quick sex as a brake on romanticism

Without preliminary preparation, without the initial, the quickie is the realization of a sudden and intense sexual drive. In this context, romanticism is unlikely to have its mark. By jumping on each other to consume their desire for sex, the couple does not take the time to create a loving atmosphere and do not waste time to stimulate the excitement of the other as far as it is supposed to be acquired. Anti-romantic, the quick sex is not harmful to the sex in the couple: the partners can satiate their libido for pure physical need, without systematically considering the sexual act as the manifestation of their mutual love. Brake to romanticism, yes, an obstacle to physical pleasure, not necessarily.

A quickie, out of necessity or audacity

Why practice quick sex? 2 main reasons:

  1. Partners do not necessarily have the time to indulge in long-term sex. Children at home, inconsistent schedules, heavy workload. lovers can find themselves pressed into their daily lives for multiple reasons. Under these conditions, it is undesirable that they stop all sexual activity. Because if sex within the couple is not the only ingredient of its longevity, it participates. But also because men and women have, if they are not needs, desires to satiate. The quickie is then the inevitable solution, for instant and intense pleasure.
  2. Quick sex is an excellent way to revive desire. Audacious, the quick sex requires to dare, to let go and leave the free field to animal impulses. When the sex in the couple has become routine over the years, while the partners suffer a drop in libido, a quickie alone can revive the flame. By practising fast sexuality, without romanticism and for the sensual pleasure exclusively, the lovers spice up their daily life.

Ingredients of quick sex to spice up the life of a couple


For a quickie to orgasm, it is still necessary to practice in the right conditions. The primordial rule: improvisation. In this context, sexual intercourse must occur at the very place where the lovers are at the moment of their sexual drive, within the limits of decency. And to add to the excitement of the partners and the nonconformity of the practice of quick sex, this is an opportunity to test positions and sexual scenarios unusual.

Unless you know each other perfectly, the couple does not necessarily reach orgasm quickly. If the quick sex does not give rise to enjoyment, for lack of time, it nevertheless has the merit of upset the routine and to provide pleasure.

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