Bangkok is one of the most popular cities you could ever tour in the world. However, you would have to stay there for a while to appreciate everything about the heart and soul of this wonderful city. There are plenty of cool and exciting things you can do during your visit to Bangkok that may include touring the ancient temples such as Wat Poh and more.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you can discover plenty of things that will certainly make your holiday a worthwhile and memorable experience. Here is a simple guide that gives you an idea of the unique and cool things to do, places to visit and experiences you can look forward to as you plan to visit Bangkok.

1.    Wake Up To the Most Spectacularly Picturesque Views

For the best experience, consider booking yourself into a comfortable hotel with close proximity to any of the popular tourist attractions. Most hotels in the region have stylish rooms, a great view, and beautiful. This essentially means that you can sleep with beautiful escorts in Bangkok and after a wild night of fun, you wake up to the best views in the morning.

The Oriental Residence boasts of class and luxury. It is one of our top hotel recommendations for anyone desiring a sexy and romantic adventure in the company of a Bangkok escort. If you would rather be close to every attraction or cool, unique places, then you can be sure that the hotel has a lot to offer. The hotel provides all that you may ever need or desire and boasts of flawless decoration and elegant service, which makes it a great choice for anyone seeking a memorable experience.

SO Sofitel is yet another superb hotel that offers you much more than a good night’s sleep. Along with all of the cool things you can do during your visit to Bangkok, you could even participate in some exciting activities in the hotel. For instance, you can settle down to enjoy gourmet food and cocktails. Rooftop bar with a spectacular view of Bangkok or enjoy your breakfast by the pool overlooking Lumpini Park.

2.    The Gourmet Food Market Is A Worthwhile & Pleasant Experience

Bangkok presents tourists with an enormous range of cuisines from different parts of the world including Argentinean steaks, French cuisine, and more. If you would like a little adventure, then you should go out and sample the street food or local eateries. If the food smells good and looks clean, you can go ahead and eat it.

If you feel extra hungry and confident enough, try the street food in Bangkok. One cool thing to do is to have lunch or dinner at the popular Commons Market that provides a wonderful mix of gourmet food restaurants inside an open market. The mall allows people from all walks of life to get together and share good food and great moments in a cool, eclectic, and modern atmosphere, which is rather unique.

The crowd you typically find here is a mix of expatriates and Thai locals. All restaurants are the gourmet type, meaning they cook using the best ingredients and flavourful infused recipes. Try the local Thai dishes and international menus, such as French pastries, pasta, lobsters, and more.

3.    Escape The Hustle And Bustle Of The Bangkok City Life

The traffic can be maddening, the high level of air pollution could make you somewhat dizzy, and the Thai local cuisine can have a particularly strong smell on some days. If you get tired of the constant haggles with the taxi drivers or you do not fancy hopping from one stunning old temple to the next, then this would be the right moment to explore the other side of Bangkok city and enjoy what it has to offer. Visit the Bang Krachao – a unique attraction that remains unknown for a good number of travellers.

Most travel guides widely talk about the Lumpini Park as an escapade for those wishing to explore the green of Bangkok. However, Bang Krachao is actually the green space of the city. A big portion of this island is still preserved, meaning you’ll only find a handful of cars and houses, a few local businesses and a beautiful park. For the best possible experience, consider exploring it by cycling.

4.    Discover the Hidden Places and the Wonderful Coffee

Thailand is renowned as one of the top coffee producers on the globe. Therefore, if you plan your travels to the Northern side of the country; do not pass up the opportunity to visit the hill tribes known for producing organic coffee. However, if you had no plans of visiting Chiang Mai, you can still satisfy your urge and passion for drinking coffee while touring Bangkok as well. Allow your taste buds to explore and enjoy the heavenly coffee as you discover the hidden side of Bangkok. Enjoy specialty coffee at the well-decorated restaurants, bars, and cafes in the company of escorts in Bangkok.

By following the simple tips we present above, you’ll soon discover the new and unique appeal of Bangkok that is rarely talked about. The lesser-known places and the memorable experiences of the city offer you much more than you would typically find with the traditional tourist attractions and experiences. Note that there is much more than souvenir/handcraft markets and temples or the Chinatown and Khao San Road. While these places are fantastic tourist attractions worth visiting, you can actually do more by exploring the lesser-known places suggested above.

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is evident from above why many people from different parts of the world flock the city. As you plan your trip, do not just use the opportunity to shop and exit the country. You could stay a few more days and visit the sites recommended above. If you’re looking for something even more exciting and special, then you should not pass up the opportunity to spend time and tour with ladyboys and escorts from a reputable escort agency. I’m certain you’ll have a different perspective of Thailand and you’ll always have the desire to visit the country again.

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